iPad Chord Charts

Worship, Inc. loading on the iPad iPad users can easily join any playlist on their local network Users can navigate the full playlist of songs. When following the playlist leader, the current song position is highlighted keeping you informed of the current song position. Users can show or hide the song chords to give flexibility for both vocalists and instrumentalists.

The iPad App for Worship, Inc. is now available.  Using the iPad app you can use Worship, Inc. wirelessly with all the features you've grown to love.  

  • On screen navigation is simple as swiping your finger across the screen or tapping the next song or next verse.  
  • Users can easily navigate the song play set to see what song is next.
  • Group play sets mean you can share a live set of songs between band members and also all move through a set list automatically together.
  • Chords are easily shown or hidden by tapping the guitar icon.  
  • All with the portability, battery life and ease of the iPad.
  • Many other features to come!

The iPad Worship Inc app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

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